Working mainly in series, Daverington produces paintings, drawings, murals, installations and music exploring themes developed during his travels and his interest in language and culture. Daverington is particularly interested in Middle Eastern culture and the evolutionary exchange of knowledge between Orient and Occident - a strained flux which has continued throughout history to the present day.

Daverington studied Classical Arabic Music in Cairo for two years and Ottoman Art Music in Istanbul specialising on Ney flute with various masters of those traditions, whilst teaching himself Arabic calligraphy and language. He survived by painting murals and Turkish miniatures during those years, whilst making numerous drawings of ancient ruins and Islamic architecture.

Evolving his trademark painterly visual codes of landscape, architecture and geometries of space, Daverington continues his exploration into the collapse of traditional western symbols of landscape—informed by the traditions of the Italian Renaissance and German Romanticism. Currently his paintings play with ideas of hyper-dimensionality, infinity and landscape by using perspective and architecture as a conceptual trigger to enter the imagined architectonics of the painted surface. The landscape is often referenced as a site for containing the endless conflict of meaning and information within the cultural histories of religion, science and technology. Within this context the landscape is seen not only as a physical subject but a psychological one as well, a multi-layered collage of information which demonstrates the importance on making visible a system rather than simply creating a composition.

Daverington’s animation work Arcadia, (2012) (HD, single channel video 8:54 mins), propels his aesthetic into a fluid and immersive virtual world. The artist’s own musical score accompanies Arcadia’shaunting and meditative articulation of moving space, revealing Daverington’s mastery of musical performance and composition.

Peter Daverington (b. 1974, Melbourne, Australia) has held eleven solo exhibitions since 2004. In 2006 Daverington completed an MFA at the Victorian College of the Arts where he received the prestigious KPMG tutorship to teach in the painting department. Twice he has received Australia Council for the Arts project grants, in 2005 and 2010 respectively; the John Coburn Emerging Artist Award in 2008 and most recently the Rupert Bunny Fellowship (*support for the production of Arcadia) in 2011.

Recent exhibitions include From the Future with Love, ARC ONE Gallery (2013); Big Scope: Painting and Place, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery (Lake Macquarie, Queensland); 100 Little Deaths, Bravin Lee Programs (New York, New York); Peekskill Project V, Hudson Valley Centre of Contemporary Art (Peekskill, New York); and Currents 2012 – Santa Fe International New Media Festival (Santa Fe, New Mexico).

Peter Daverington lives and works in New York.

For more information, visit the artist's website here.