Jacky Redgate has exhibited in significant exhibitions locally and internationally and carries a reputation as a rigorous artist.  After being awarded the Bowness Photography Prize for Light Throw Mirrors #4, a beautiful image of prosaic objects staged in still life formation, Curator of Photography at the National Gallery of Australia commented : “It is virtually flawless as a photograph .. challenging many of the expectations of what a photograph is.”

“As if to increase the instability of her imagined world, Redgate has used mirrors of various kinds over the last two decades.  Mirrors have long haunted western art, as a means of reflecting upon the vanities and truths of representation, or of teasing out the intersections between artist, spectator and voyeur.   Redgate was introduced to the possibilities of working with mirrors by Florence Henri, an artist of an earlier generation, whose compelling photographs brought Bauhaus ideas to Piet Mondrian’s avant-garde circle in Paris.  Henri’s mirrors turned still life and portraiture into cubist compositions of complex spatial ambiguity, a process she likened to composing a painting.”

Ann Stephen, Jacky Redgate: Mirrors, Power Publication, 2015

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