The exquisite objects created by JAMES McALLISTER extend further than just the aesthetic appreciation and conventions of ornamental jewellery.  His pieces create a cognitive resonance between the object and the wearer.  There is an intuitive level to his research and one which is more measured.  As a result, James has produced a series of aesthetically restrained pieces that take into account the delicate adjustments that the body and the ornament make to each others field of influence. 

At the core of the work is the act of containment.  Most of the pieces are vessels (literally or metaphorically) which contain unseen objects, texts or conceptual references.  The strategy is to create an object that possesses gravity by association rather than by means of its own beauty. The actual ornament lies beneath its public surface, it is a private arrangement.   

James McAllister was born in Lismore, NSW. He trained at the regional art college in Toowoomba, QLD and has exhibited extensively in Sydney and Melbourne.  His research and practice has included visual art, industrial design, performance and installation.