An examination of modern Australian leisure

“Anne Zahalka’s series, Leisureland maps some of the co-ordinates of modern leisure in images that occupy a vantage point between the production and consumption of down time. Her photographs document the stuff we do; the myriad forms of gambling, sightseeing in the air, underwater, in the past, hardening our bodies in gyms, crowding a lecture by Derrida, chilling at the pool, catching a simulated war or a round of Aqua Golf, ‘Golf, with a difference!’" David Ellison - Anne Zahalka, Leissureland.

"Through a series of large scale photographic images taken in real locations “Zahalka’s images deploy conventions of photographic realism in tandem with contemporary technologies that facilitate a precision of colour and detail, an organisation of pictorial surface, and a scale hitherto associated with traditional history painting or the advertising billboard.” Blair French - The Photogenic Image: Anne Zahalka’s Leisureland