Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre garden has two new sculptural installations by ROBBIE ROWLANDS. The two works titled Stem and Where to from here were produced during his recent residency at Hazelhurst.

Working site specific and reclaiming found objects, Rowlands transforms everyday materials common to the public eye, to poetic gestures filled with new meaning.

In Stem, Rowlands presents a cluster of street poles and signs welded together form a large thorny rose-like stem.
A seemingly unlikely location to find street signs- confusing our whereabouts and displacing our expectations, collectively these street signs reveal the area’s complex and layered history. 
In the second installation titled Where to from here a local boom gate scheduled for demolition finds a new place and abstracted shape, expanding thoughts on how architecture of regulations conform our pattern of moving through society. Where do we go when no where is forbidden? 
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