From the Future with Love, a vibrant exhibition of Peter Daverington’s new paintings and the Australian debut of his animation, Arcadia, will be at ARC ONE Gallery, Melbourne from 5 March-6 April 2013.  This will be the artist’s fourth solo exhibition at ARC ONE Gallery.  An opening reception will be held on Saturday March 9 from 4 – 6pm.

In From the Future with Love, Daverington presents us with a testing ground for the limits of painting.  Daverington’s simulated landscapes and multiple architectural geometries – ever so precisely represented in his earlier works – are now summoned to a Formalist deconstruction.  The breaking down of the canvas’s pictorial surface creates a fantasmic world, captured by Daverington’s fractured architectural planes.

Evolving his trademark painterly visual codes of landscape, architecture and geometries of space, Daverington continues his exploration into the collapse of traditional western symbols of landscape—inspired by the traditions of the Italian Renaissance and German Romanticism.

Daverington’s debut animation work Arcadia, (2012) (HD, single channel video 8:54 mins), propels his aesthetic into a fluid and immersive virtual world. The artist’s own musical score accompanies Arcadia’s haunting and meditative articulation of moving space. The skilfully composed melodic sounds reveal Daverington’s mastery of musical performance and composition. The exhibition will include limited edition animation stills and mixed media collages inspired by Arcadia.

This project has been assisted by the City of Port Phillip through the Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship.

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