Image: Robert Owen and Joanna Buckley,  Under the Sun , 2014, s  tainless steel, aluminium, acrylic and dichroic glass,   435 x 660cm.

Image: Robert Owen and Joanna Buckley, Under the Sun, 2014, stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic and dichroic glass, 435 x 660cm.

ROBERT OWEN and Joanna Buckley have unveiled a public commission at the Point Cook Town Centre for Stockland in association with Places Victoria and Wyndham City Council. The title of the work, Under the Sun, engages the interplay of light, space and time between earth, moon and sun, offering a profound reminder of our mysterious broader environment.

Under the Sun pays homage to this relationship, metaphorically bringing the moon closer to the ground plane to frame its distant mirrored self at night. Or, in conjunction with the sun during the day, casting a filigree shadow on the ground and those passing below.   

The presence of the Point Cook Coastal Park and Cheetham Wetlands remains a significant aspect of Point Cook's identity and Under the Sun provides a vehicle to create and enhance new meanings to the site and its environment. It reinterprets nature and draws focus from our constructed world and the tightly determined space of transit, towards a connection to the sky and contemplation of our broader reality.

Artists' Statement: "Under the Sun, the moon is our most significant heavenly body offering precious moments of perspective and wonder. The moon as feminine recognises the important role of women in the community, and embodies a memory of nature in the life and tides of the Bellarine Peninsula Wetland."