Sam Shmith,  Untitled (plate glass 3)  from the series  Plate Glass , pigment ink-jet print, 97.2 x 180.0cm, 2013.

Sam Shmith, Untitled (plate glass 3) from the series Plate Glass, pigment ink-jet print, 97.2 x 180.0cm, 2013.

SAM SHMITH has been selected as a finalist of the 2013 Bowness Photography Prize, presented by the Monash Gallery of Art. Together with 45 other finalists, Shmith's work was selected from 562 entries, resulting in the largest number of entries received in the history of Australia’s most coveted photography prize.

The winner will be announced on Thursday 3 October and the exhibition continues until 3 November 2013. 

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