JACKY REDGATE wins $25,000 Bowness Photography Prize

Sydney photographer Jacky Redgate has won Australia’s most prestigious photography prize, the $25 000 William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize. 

Redgate’s winning photograph Light Throw (Mirrors) #4, 2010-2011 from the series Light throw (mirrors) is a beautiful, ambiguous picture. Redgate has described the photograph, a large still life arrangement created by throwing light from silver, bronze and grey mirrors onto brightly coloured modular plastic food containers from the 1960s and ‘70s, as “a cosmos or cosmology of objects”.

Judge and MGA Gallery Director Shaune Lakin said: “In the end the judging process came down to two photographs, both amazing pictures. We gave the $25 000 first prize to Jacky Redgate’s picture because it is virtually flawless as a photograph. At the same time the picture challenges many of the expectations we have about what a photograph is. It’s a highly ambitious photograph, and an extremely worthy winner of the country’s most significant photography prize.”