Maria Fernanda Cardoso,  Hojas Secas/Dry Leafs , 2010.

Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Hojas Secas/Dry Leafs, 2010.

MARIA FERNANDA CARDOSO is featured in the current Camouflage Cultures: Surveillance, Communities, Aesthetic, Animals, an international exhibition presented by Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney.

Opening on Thursday 8 August, from 6 to 8pm.
CAMOUFLAGE CULTURES will be on display from Thursday 8 to Saturday 31 August.

The conference and exhibition address two key principles of camouflage - concealment and deception - in relation to four themes: surveillance, communities, aesthetics and animals. The theme of surveillance includes war, defense, militaries, and conflict; communities embraces society, the everyday, government and identity; aesthetics incorporates art, architecture, film and popular culture; animals includes human and non-human beings, nature, evolution, pattern and optics. The artists convey these themes through visual representation and the contemporary world.

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