ARC ONE are pleased to announce the following acquisitions:

--NGV acquires Guan Wei--
The National Gallery of Victoria has just acquired two of Guan Wei’s Up in the Cloud sculptures—Up in the Clouds #1 (2012) and Up in the Clouds #2 (2012). As a continuation of Guan Wei's sell-out Cloud sculptures of 2009, Up in the Clouds are a series of dark bronze sculptures. The cloud, as a symbol of liberty, features prominently throughout his practice. Up in the Clouds portrays gentle figures playfully interacting with their cloud. The harmony between body and form alludes to the transience and freedom of nature.

--NGA acquires Maria Fernada Cardoso and Janet Laurence--
The National Gallery of Australia have recently acquired works by Maria Fernanda Cardoso and Janet Laurence. 

The works by Maria Fernanda Cardoso are a set of nine sculptures from her Intromitent Organs Sculptures (2008-2009) series. These works were exhibited as part of the Museum of Copulatory Organs (2012) at the Sydney Biennale 2012.

Janet Laurence’s film Sanctuaried from AFTER EDEN (2012) is compiled from footage taken at an elephant sanctuary in Aceh, Indonesia, and a panda sanctuary in Chengdu, China. Lost and endangered worlds - and the creatures in them - are the subject of Laurence’s After Eden project. 

Congratulations to Maria, Guan Wei and Janet.