GUO JIAN is included in Carnival of the Bold's art exhibition, Chindia, in which six visual artists feature works exploring cultural and national identity, politics, displacement and diaspora histories of those with Chinese and Indian heritage.

The show includes two special events — ‘Chindia: Stories from the Artists’ and ‘Chindia: Short Films from the Diaspora’

This free exhibition runs from 15 – 26 February 2018, at Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence St Sydney.

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Guo Jian,  The Landscape No.3,  inkjet pigment print, 5 panels,   2016, 200 x 235 cm (overall). 

Guo Jian, The Landscape No.3, inkjet pigment print, 5 panels, 2016, 200 x 235 cm (overall).