Tracy Sarroff,    The Crimson Arch , oil paint on perspex,   2013,   56 x 83 cm, installed with  Stalagmite , wood expanding foam, paint, epoxy resin, 56x23x26cm, 2012.

Tracy Sarroff, The Crimson Arch, oil paint on perspex, 2013, 56 x 83 cm, installed with Stalagmite, wood expanding foam, paint, epoxy resin, 56x23x26cm, 2012.

We are delighted to announce TRACY SARROFF's exhibition at ARC ONE Gallery, Congruo, from the 1st October - 2 November 2013.

Congruo, Tracy Sarroff’s first solo exhibition at ARC ONE, creates an immersive wonderland of psychedelic forms. Fuelled by Sarroff’s interest in geological formations and the crossover between scientific fact and fiction, a fantastical vision of our natural environment emerges. Sarroff’s vividly synthetic and reality-shifted Perspex paintings distort nature’s elements alongside her suite of sculptures.

Many elements in Congruo are inspired by Sarroff’s time spent as Artist in Residence in Hill End, NSW, rich with the eroded diggings of a bygone era. The over-mined and eroded creek bed The Golden Gully, is depicted in a series of hyper-real paintings on lurid Perspex. They also hark to landscape images from science fiction film classics.

Sculptures glow ghostly in the dark with delicious surfaces and take the shape of manufactured growth-forms derived from ideas based in transgenics. Other works project electric light and radiate a stark ambience of kitsch colour and space-age design. Comprised of paintings, wall assemblages and sculptural installations that correspond, unite and coincide with one another, the various forms of 'Congruo' morph dislocated natural realities with the aesthetic of science fiction.