Peter Daverington,  Learn from the Classics , 2015, oil on canvas, 198 x 152 cm

Peter Daverington, Learn from the Classics, 2015, oil on canvas, 198 x 152 cm

PETER DAVERINGTON is participating in The (un)Scene Art Show in NYC. Daverington makes reference to various styles and techniques throughout art history in his new painting Learn from the Classics.

Learn From the Classics belongs to a new body of work that seeks a way forward in painting by looking back through the history of western art from the Ancient Greeks to Modernism. Through a process of assimilation and juxtaposition of different styles, periods and techniques I aim to create a hybrid of representational painting. This particular work was inspired by Roman fresco wall paintings where the Lacuna (missing parts or gaps) becomes an integral part of the composition. The underlying image, which has been sanded down and distressed, is a reference to the work of Eugene Delacroix, Bacchus and Ariadne, 1862.

The (un)Scene Art Show is on from March 4 – 8, part of Armory Arts Week.

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