ROSE FARRELL/GEORGE PARKIN and JACKY REDGATE'S work will be displayed at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra in an exhibition titled Constructed Worlds: photography in the 1980s.

Photography in the 1980s can perhaps be best characterised by work made in the studio. Although photographers continued to document the world by going out in to it, others manipulated and altered the image, often appropriating and reinterpreting imagery from the past. Art school-trained, many were informed by various traditions such as Conceptual Art, with French theory all the vogue. It was common that artists, coming from other media, took up the camera at this time as another way of expressing their ideas. Their work asked the viewer to think about the nature of photography itself: less a window onto the world it became instead a means to create new worlds from the artists’ own imaginings.

A half day forum titled Tableaux Vivant: 1980s Photography is being held on 21 May, at the National Gallery, discussing the themes of the decade.  The exhibition opened on 8 April and will continue until 29 August.

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