Julie Rrap,  Horse's Tale , 1999, cibachrome photograph, 120x120cm.

Julie Rrap, Horse's Tale, 1999, cibachrome photograph, 120x120cm.

JULIE RRAP and PAT BRASSINGTON are currently exhibiting in the touring Theatre of the World exhibition at La Maison Rouge, Paris.  

Theatre of the World is a collaborative group exhibition between the Museum of Old and New Art and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. 

The exhibition strikes relations, whether corresponding or contrasting, between the form or meaning of the works of different origins, where unexpected resemblances are brought to light through themes such as the eyes, body, "double" or war. Brassington’s, The Frog (1997) and Rrap’s Horse’s Tail (1999) are featured in the exhibition, currently showing and on until 12 January 2014.