Imants Tillers and Michael Nelson Jagamara,  Fatherland , 2008.

Imants Tillers and Michael Nelson Jagamara, Fatherland, 2008.

IMANTS TILLERS is part of an exhibition held at the Museo Carlo Bilotti, Roma, Italia: Dreamings: The Australian Aboriginal Art meets de Chirico, curated by Ian McLean and Erica Izett. The exhibition is on until 2nd November 2014, and presents a wide selection of works representing the acrylic painting movement of Australian indigenous art. The exhibition will include a section devoted to Imants Tillers alongside works created in the last decade in the most remote communities in the western and central deserts of Australia. Tillers works provide correspondence between the two distinct, yet parallel experiences associated with the idea of ‘dreaming’ – as depicted in Aboriginal art and the metaphysical art of Giorgio de Chirico.

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