A beautiful image of ANNE ZAHALKA laying down her carpet of letters from her grandmother Margarete for her exhibition The Fate of Things: Memory Objects and Art at the Sydney Jewish Museum.

Her artist statement reads: ‘Following the death of my mother in 2016, I began the melancholic task of sorting her belongings. Salvaged amongst these were a collection of letters, diaries, photographs, recipe books, embroideries and linen that had been carried across countries and oceans to finally rest here on this shore. As the child of a Holocaust survivor, I became the keeper of these family relics with only partial knowledge of the stories they contained. Sifting through this archive and working with these objects, I have developed artworks to reconstruct this fractured history, to remember those lost and to honour the bonds that bind me. As an inheritor of this trauma, I grieve for my mother, for her loss and the family I was never to know’.

The Fate of Things: Memory Objects and Art will be open from 2 November - 28 February 2019.

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Zahalka_carpet of letters from Margaret_2018_ARCONE.jpg