Janet Laurence,  Mining Residue , 2014, mixed media, 36 x 37 x 34 cm

Janet Laurence, Mining Residue, 2014, mixed media, 36 x 37 x 34 cm

JANET LAURENCE is part of the group exhibition What Marcel Duchamp Taught Me at The Fine Art Society Contemporary in London, UK’s oldest commercial gallery. This exhibition comes together one hundred years after Duchamp created the first readymade and is on from 10 October – 5 November 2014.

A statement by Janet Laurence featured in the exhibition catalogue:
"It’s difficult to imagine contemporary art if there hadn’t been Marcel Duchamp. He enabled me to make art that begins as an idea, letting the non-retinal to enter into the work process and its reading. His ‘serious’ playfulness enabled the imprinting of the instantaneous and elusive, a play between thoughts, the senses, chance and the occult." 

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