MARIA FERNANDA CARDOSO has taken part in the Wollongong Central expansion. Through the showcase of eco-friendly design principles, the project gives prospect for a sustainable centre that showcases the depth of innovation within the region.

Maria Fernanda Cardoso,  Velvet Water  Public Art at Wollongong Central Shopping Centre

Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Velvet Water Public Art at Wollongong Central Shopping Centre

Velvet Water by Cardoso introduces the buildings new feature artwork that cuts through the middle of the new look Wollongong Central. Velvet Water highlights the prominent surrounds of Wollongong – a costal region with lakes and fresh water streams within proximity. Through the use of industrial materials and the large-scale site, thousands of nylon rods sprout from the wall, covering its surface and resembling various forms of water. As people move past the wall, the rods simultaneously shift, that seemingly defies gravity and echoes the notions of water and its dynamic behaviour.