JANET LAURENCE's wondrous The Elixir Lab is installed at the Inhotim Institute, Brazil as part of Between Subjects and Collectiveness. This major performative installation encourages viewers to taste a range of plant-infused elixirs, offering knowledge of medicinal plants and an intimacy with the natural environment.

The 4th International Education Seminar in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil is focused on transformations subjects go through and their relationship with the environment in which they live. With guests from Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Chile, Colombia, India and Russia, the seminar proposes a reflection on the separation between the social and environmental dimension in contemporary life.

Janet Laurence, Installation View,  The Elixir Lab , Inhotim Institute, Brazil, 2018

Janet Laurence, Installation View, The Elixir Lab, Inhotim Institute, Brazil, 2018