Justine Khamara,  Orbital Spin Trick , 2013, UV print and hoop pine, 50x50x50cm.

Justine Khamara, Orbital Spin Trick, 2013, UV print and hoop pine, 50x50x50cm.

Congratulations to JUSTINE KHAMARA, who has been included in the Asialink/BLINDSIDE touring group exhibition, VERTIGO: chaos and dislocation in contemporary Australian art, curated by Claire Anna Watson.

Other artists include: Boe-lin Bastian, Cate Consandine, Simon Finn, Bonnie Lane, Kristin McIver, Kiron Robinson, Tania Smith, Kate Shaw and Alice Wormald.

Exhibition text:

"The artists interrogate contemporary life, exploring the fracture, chaos and dislocation that arises in the human condition and in a world which is imbued with flux and change. The experience of dizziness and a loss of perspective are explored within a world that is gripped by an acceleration of time and pace.

Presenting sculptural works, painting, neon, collage, drawing and video, the artists disrupt the ordinariness that can pervade life, building new narratives of human experience. By conveying feelings of anxiety and humour, or by using absurd gestures, the artists in Vertigo attempt to make sense of the world around them, with dizzying effects." 

For more information and to view the catalogue, go click here.