LYNDELL BROWN & CHARLES GREEN and Jon Cattapan’s Scatter (Dusk, Santa Cruz), 2014 has been acquired by The Collection of The University of Queensland.

Samantha Littley, Acting Senior Curator at UQ Art Museum, had to say this about the work: 

The painting exemplifies the strength of Brown/Green and Cattapan’s collaborative partnership, and the confidence each of them has in their own work. It takes self assurance to allow others to access your creative processes. The artists’ rapport is evident in the unity of their composition. This coherency has a basis in their shared experiences. Although their terms as Official War Artists were not concurrent, these commissions have clearly given them a mutual sense of purpose.

Lyndell Brown/Charles Green and Jon Cattapan,  Scatter (Dusk, Santa Cruz),   2014,   oil and synthetic polymer paint on linen,   152.5 x 243.5 cm

Lyndell Brown/Charles Green and Jon Cattapan, Scatter (Dusk, Santa Cruz), 2014, oil and synthetic polymer paint on linen, 152.5 x 243.5 cm