ANNE SCOTT-WILSON has been included in a traveling exhibition, Selectively Revealed, to tour Asia in the coming months.

This is a multi-media exhibition curated by Sarah Bond and Clare Needham in conjunction with Asia link, University of Melbourne and Experimenta.  It will be showing in Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand between October 2011 and July 2012.

Selectively Revealed explores the notion of what is public and what is private in our contemporary times.  While it was once universally accepted that what was internal was private, and what was external was public, in our current age of reality TV, Twitter and Facebook, confessional YouTube videos and the ubiquitous CCTV coverage of the city streets, this delineation is no longer adequate.  The line between public and private is increasingly blurred and we are constantly forced to question what is appropriate (and indeed interesting) for public consumption, and what is best kept to ourselves.

Employing a variety of screen-based practices and contemporary video-making techniques, the artists in Selectively Revealed choose precisely what - or what not - to reveal about themselves and those around them. 

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