Peter Callas,  Night's High Noon: An Anti-Terrain,  1988 (video still)

Peter Callas, Night's High Noon: An Anti-Terrain, 1988 (video still)

Anne Scott Wilson,  Conversation,  2008 (video still)

Anne Scott Wilson, Conversation, 2008 (video still)

PETER CALLAS, EUGENIA RASKOPOULOS and ANNE SCOTT WILSON are included in Red Green Blue: A History of Australian Video Art at the Griffith University Art Gallery. 

Curated by Matthew Perkins, the exhibition features over 60 works from the 1970s through to the present day. This major survey takes the viewer on a historical journey, while at the same time celebrating the ongoing dynamism and depth of video art practice in Australia.

Eugenia Raskopoulos,  rootreroot & routreroute , 2016. installation view Tarrawarra Biennial 2016:  Endless Circulation.  Photo: Andrew Curtis

Eugenia Raskopoulos, rootreroot & routreroute, 2016. installation view Tarrawarra Biennial 2016: Endless Circulation. Photo: Andrew Curtis

The exhibition will run from 30 March - 8 July 2017.

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The group exhibition, Morbis Artis: Diseases of the Arts, will be part of the White Night 2017 program. The show features ANNE SCOTT WILSON's balloon installation and video projection titled Fluid Retention

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ANNE SCOTT WILSON will be exhibiting in a group show at RMIT Gallery, titled Morbis Artis: Diseases of the Arts. The exhibition explores the radical conjunction between the biomolecular and the artistic, and the thin doorway between life and death housed within discourses of disease.

 17 November 2016 - 18 February 2017

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ANNE SCOTT WILSON is taking part in a pop-up exhibition titled Threshold, at the Carlton Hotel, fourth floor, 193 Bourke Street Melbourne.

Threshold opens 31 August as part of the Deakin @ Carlton Festival. A diverse group of art practices will represent a kind of threshold where free association will be encouraged.

Rooms will be occupied by artist’s work created through live performance in response to site, visual art, photography, performance inspired installation. 

The exhibition runs till Saturday 3 September.


Anne Scott Wilson,  The sound of one foor tapping , 2015, Video still.

Anne Scott Wilson, The sound of one foor tapping, 2015, Video still.

ANNE SCOTT WILSON is currently exhibiting at Stockroom gallery in Kyneton, Victoria. The exhibition, titled The sound of one foot tapping after one of her works, explores the intersection between dance, movement and the tension amid live performance and memory. 

The exhibition is open from 14 May to 5 June.
For more information visit Stockroom's website.


ANNE SCOTT WILSON has been selected to participate in the inaugural show for Melbourne Central Art Loop. Curated by Andy Dinan of MARS Gallery, this will be Australia's largest installation of video art on display outside of an institution. 

Watch the exhibition trailer here



ANNE SCOTT WILSON is presenting a new video work with The Letter String Quartet for their performance at the Abbotsford Convent at 8pm on 21 & 22 November. The performance, called VideoSonicQuartet, is a collaborative project with a composer along with three other artists/composers.

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Anne Scott Wilson,  Twice  (video still), 2015.

Anne Scott Wilson, Twice (video still), 2015.

ANNE SCOTT WILSON will be exhibiting her work in a group exhibition titled Finitude? at Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart. The reception with the artists will be Friday 12 June from 3-4pm.  The exhibition will continue until the 29th June.  

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Image: Anne Scott Wilson, video still from video in 'Transductions #18' at ACMI.

Image: Anne Scott Wilson, video still from video in 'Transductions #18' at ACMI.

ANNE SCOTT WILSON is involved in a three-part exploration presented by Deakin University and ACMI. Transductions reflects the ways in which philosophy and futurism take part within contemporary art and curation. Transduction #18 is a pop-up exhibition located at the Tech_Bar at ACMI and brings together 18 artists, including a video work by ANNE SCOTT WILSON. This feature reflects the notions of energy within a space and the experience of combining artists, artworks or concepts simultaneously. Anne Scott Wilson describes her video work:

'Taking heavily pixelated material from youtube of the iconic Grand pas de Deux from the Nutcracker Suite, I have created a pastiche that is faithful to choreography within its musical structure.  Footage is from 13 different interpretations performed between the 1950's and 2000's.  The idea considers how the web, now an archive of material not previously accessible, constitutes a new way of seeing or reading antiquated art forms.'

Transductions is showing at ACMI Studio 1, Tech_Bar @ Beer Deluxe.


3 February - 7 March 2015

Pat Brassington,  Mind Game , 2013, pigment print, 60 x 46 cm

Pat Brassington, Mind Game, 2013, pigment print, 60 x 46 cm

Pat Brassington | Justine Khamara | Janet Laurence | Robert Owen | Julie Rrap | Anne Scott Wilson | John Young

Curated by Laura Lantieri

Bringing together seven artists from the eminent ARC ONE stable, Mind Shadows is a curated exhibition exploring themes of human consciousness. From our waking hours, to the enigma of dreams, and the deep sleep that houses our subconscious, Mind Shadows examines the ways in which these states can inform and infiltrate creative enquiry. Whether through process, subject or aesthetic, the works presented engage with consciousness through notions of memory, automatism, reality and hyperreality, and conveying the internal and the unknown.

Featuring new and key works by Pat Brassington, Justine Khamara, Janet Laurence, Robert Owen, Julie Rrap, Anne Scott Wilson and John Young, the exhibition spans photo media, sculpture, painting and video, and draws upon the somatic and the cognitive in proposing the body as the seat of consciousness as well as the mind.

For Mind Shadows, these artists inhabit liminal spaces; their works often alluding to the periphery – or shadows – of awareness and open to fluid interpretation and perceptual doubt.


Sam Shmith,  Untitled (In Spates 1) , 2011, pigment print on archival rag, 75 x 125 cm.

Sam Shmith, Untitled (In Spates 1), 2011, pigment print on archival rag, 75 x 125 cm.

The work of SAM SHMITH and ANNE SCOTT WILSON is currently featured in Seven Trumpets at Strange Neighbour in Melbourne. The exhibition brings together seven artists whose work circles around ideas of finitude, death and propositions for the end of the world. 

The exhibtion runs to 1 November 2014. For more information, click here.


Anne Scott Wilson,  First Movement 2012  (video still), 2012, 1'49'.

Anne Scott Wilson, First Movement 2012 (video still), 2012, 1'49'.

ANNE SCOTT WILSON’s video work, First Movement 2012, features in Deakin University’s group reel, now showing at Federation Square’s annual winter program, The Light in Winter.

In its eighth year running, this program's theme focuses on the circle of life. This idea is highlighted through art, music and performance and brought together by local and international artists. 

To view First Movement 2012, click here
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Murray Fredericks,  Hector Thunderstorm Project , still from video, 2011

Murray Fredericks, Hector Thunderstorm Project, still from video, 2011

ARC ONE announces Late-Night Projections at Cumulus Up in November, screening works by artists including ANNE SCOTT WILSON, PETER DAVERINGTON and MURRAY FREDERICKS.

Projections will take place onto Collins Place from the 1st floor of the restaurant and wine bar Cumulus where you can come enjoy a specially designed late night menu.

Dates: November 2 – 30 from 9:30pm to 12am.


Installation view,  Fly Rhythm , 2013

Installation view, Fly Rhythm, 2013

Anne Scott Wilson is a finalist of the 2013 Substation Contemporary Art Prize, and is currently developing a site-specific work which will expand on her recent video Glide, presented at her solo exhibition at ARC ONE Fly Rhythm this August.

Winner of the Major Prize of $10,000, to be announced on Thursday 18th October, 6pm, followed by an after party and live music until late.


Anne Scott Wilson, H omage to Turner , 2013, digital pinhole print on arches velin museum rag, edition of 5, 67 x 97 cm.

Anne Scott Wilson, Homage to Turner, 2013, digital pinhole print on arches velin museum rag, edition of 5, 67 x 97 cm.


Fly Rhythm, ARC ONE Gallery, Melbourne, 23 July - 24 August, 2013.

Anne Scott Wilson’s Fly Rhythm explores the profound analogue experience of ‘drawing with light’ in a digital world. Utilising lens-less, pin-hole photography, Scott Wilson intuitively and physically recorded movement as still images, as direct representations of light over time. In Fly Rhythm, the impact of space and time upon the body - the spatiality of movement - presents a uniquely subjective visualisation of the body as a conduit of visual experience.

- Annabel Holt, July 2013 

Scott Wilson studied painting as a mature-age student following a career in dance. Her practice is informed by theatre, cinema and live performance and is realised across multiple creative disciplines including photography, video, painting, sound installation and performance.


ANNE SCOTT WILSON will be participating in a performance/film called Holst's The Planets, Neptune for The Urban Screen Productions Commission, touring both nationally and internationally. 

Curated by Lubi Thomas, the commission involves seven artists in collaboration with The Concourse Urban Screen, The Chatswood Performing Arts Centre, Willoughby Council, The Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and Conductor Tony Legge, Association Music Director, Opera Australia.

After the live performance event at Willoughby Performing Arts Centre in August 2013, the work will be screened at the following venues during the 18 Month tour: 

The Concourse, Chatswood, Sydney; 
QUT Screens, Brisbane; 
Northbridge Piazza Screen, Perth; 
The Big Screen, New York, USA;
New World Centre, Miami, USA;
Celebration Square, Toronto, Canada;
BBC Big Screens, UK (Various Locations);
CMoDA, Beijing, China.

(Additional venues to be announced)

For more information, click here

Watch the short film here on Vimeo.


ANNE SCOTT WILSON is collaborating with Alexandra Harrison at Dancehouse from July 31 - August 1 at 6.30pm.

Forest of Gesture is a short video work and live performance capturing people in their rapid trajectories in busy urban spaces. Forest of Gesture attempts to pause and reflect on the excesses of action and create space in movement for alternative and unexpected future possibilities.  

For more information, please click here.



ANNE SCOTT-WILSON has been included in a traveling exhibition, Selectively Revealed, to tour Asia in the coming months.

This is a multi-media exhibition curated by Sarah Bond and Clare Needham in conjunction with Asia link, University of Melbourne and Experimenta.  It will be showing in Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand between October 2011 and July 2012.

Selectively Revealed explores the notion of what is public and what is private in our contemporary times.  While it was once universally accepted that what was internal was private, and what was external was public, in our current age of reality TV, Twitter and Facebook, confessional YouTube videos and the ubiquitous CCTV coverage of the city streets, this delineation is no longer adequate.  The line between public and private is increasingly blurred and we are constantly forced to question what is appropriate (and indeed interesting) for public consumption, and what is best kept to ourselves.

Employing a variety of screen-based practices and contemporary video-making techniques, the artists in Selectively Revealed choose precisely what - or what not - to reveal about themselves and those around them. 

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ANNE SCOTT-WILSON's work, exhibited at the Melbourne Art Centre in the exhibition Black Box <> White Cube, has been featured on the Behind Ballet blog of The Australian Ballet.

The exhibition explores the creative intersections between art and performance in contemporary Australian art.  Starting with performance art of the 1970s, this exhibition shows how music and dance, staged photography and film, theatricality and the spectacle of performance infuse vitality into contemporary Australian art.

The exhibition runs at the Arts Centre from 11 June - 25 September.