3 February - 7 March 2015

Pat Brassington,  Mind Game , 2013, pigment print, 60 x 46 cm

Pat Brassington, Mind Game, 2013, pigment print, 60 x 46 cm

Pat Brassington | Justine Khamara | Janet Laurence | Robert Owen | Julie Rrap | Anne Scott Wilson | John Young

Curated by Laura Lantieri

Bringing together seven artists from the eminent ARC ONE stable, Mind Shadows is a curated exhibition exploring themes of human consciousness. From our waking hours, to the enigma of dreams, and the deep sleep that houses our subconscious, Mind Shadows examines the ways in which these states can inform and infiltrate creative enquiry. Whether through process, subject or aesthetic, the works presented engage with consciousness through notions of memory, automatism, reality and hyperreality, and conveying the internal and the unknown.

Featuring new and key works by Pat Brassington, Justine Khamara, Janet Laurence, Robert Owen, Julie Rrap, Anne Scott Wilson and John Young, the exhibition spans photo media, sculpture, painting and video, and draws upon the somatic and the cognitive in proposing the body as the seat of consciousness as well as the mind.

For Mind Shadows, these artists inhabit liminal spaces; their works often alluding to the periphery – or shadows – of awareness and open to fluid interpretation and perceptual doubt.