Julie Rrap, 2009,  Castaway  (video still), DVD 5 minutes, edition of 5.

Julie Rrap, 2009, Castaway (video still), DVD 5 minutes, edition of 5.

JULIE RRAP’S video work Castaway is part of a group exhibition at the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP), Sydney. Titled Dear Sylvia, the exhibition is curated by ACP Curator Claire Monneraye.

The exhibition is an elusive response to the deepest concerns intensely depicted by Sylvia Plath. The female photomedia artists in Dear Sylvia explore some of the many ways of representing the female body, whether they show their own body, recreate those of others or document the political or social realities of bodies that suffer and fight.

Alongside Rrap, artists include Alma Haser, Dina Litovsky, Polly Penrose, Dana Popa, Michelle Sank, Flore-Aël Surun, Jessica Tremp and Marlous Van der Sloot.

The exhibition runs from 31 January - 22 March 2015.