Tracy Sarroff, Docklands commission, 2015

Tracy Sarroff, Docklands commission, 2015

TRACY SARROFF has been chosen by Mirvac, The City of Melbourne and Places Victoria to complete an ambitious public art commission in Melbourne’s Docklands, Yarra Edge precinct.

The commission includes individual tendrils that will incorporate LED light with colours and tones that are activated by passing pedestrians via sensors. Cobalt blues and icy greens will be dominant, but soft red and pink glows will be activated to warm up and intensify the closer people move towards the work. This colour change resembles a life-form recognising or responding to another life-form. When people aren’t there to activate the work, it will simply pulse in a calm way as if breathing and resting.

The inspiration for this work includes the historic marshland area of the Docklands and what was once the West Melbourne Swamp, reeds, wallaby grass, 2001 Space Odyssey, Tron, Avatar, phosphorescent gene splicing/engineering, Glowing Plant, synthetic biology, genome compiling and sci-fi ‘alien’ plants that possess animalistic traits.

This ambitious project that encourages interaction and interplay at the water's edge is expected to take place in August 2015.