Guo Jian, 'The Day Before I Went Away' ,  2004, oil on canvas, 213 x 152 cm

Guo Jian, 'The Day Before I Went Away', 2004, oil on canvas, 213 x 152 cm

On Thursday 2 May at 6pm, GUO JIAN will speak at ACMI on a panel exploring censorship, restrictions, and the creativity that emerges in resistance.

Guo Jian's art practice has been fuelled by his position as a reflective, sharply satirical Chinese expatriate who grew up during the Cultural Revolution and under a deeply communist regime. His early experiences of art were inevitably entwined with communist authority, ideology and militaristic power. Guo Jian's first acquaintance with art was time spent as a propaganda-poster painter for the People’s Liberation Army then later, as an art student in Beijing, he took part in the protests which led to the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. 

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