Dr Charles Green, Associate Professor of  Contemporary Art at the University of Melbourne will be presenting The Mayne Centre Lecture 2011 on the topic of Biennalisation.

Since the late 1980s the art world has seen a huge proliferation in the exhibition of contemporary art.  Art production has predominantly focused around spectacular and expensive forms of art, with a correlating demand that venues are able to accommodate the scale and public prominence required by such works.  In this lecture, Green will discuss the ways in which Biennales, Triennals and Documentas have met these demands by offering newcomers to the global scene a stage on which to participate in the contemporary art industry, while enabling a dramatically expanded audience the chance to see recent art.  

Through his extensive research into the emergence and expansion of Biennales and mega-exhibitions, Green is well qualified to be presenting such a lecture, and the presentation will, no doubt, be of an exceptional standard.

The University of Queensland Art Museum
Wednesday 12 October, 6pm.

Bookings essential.

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