MURRAY FREDERICKS will be holding an exhibition of his SALT works at the Australian Centre for Photography from Friday 14 October to Saturday 19 November.

Conveying ‘essence’ over ‘place’, Murray Fredericks’s Salt series is breath-taking and awe-inspiring. Eight years in the making and comprising of sixteen separate trips, sometimes lasting up to five weeks at a time, Fredericks camped solo in the centre of Lake Eyre photographing a ‘landscape without landscape’.

Concentrating solely on colour and space, Fredericks’ work is at times reminiscent of JMW Turner as well as the colour-field painting of Rothko and celebrates the glory found in nature. Currently awash with water and wildlife, Salt depicts the lake at its most still, most meditative, most transcendental.

Also on show will be SALT, the 2009 multi award-winning documentary of the Salt project by Michael Angus and Murray Fredericks.

Murray will also be giving an artist talk at the Australian Centre for Photography from 11am -12noon on Saturday 15 October.  This is an exciting opportunity to hear Murray talk about his highly acclaimed SALT project series in an informal situation. 

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