SAM MARTIN is part of the upcoming exhibition Depthless Flatness curated by Steven Rendall and Bryan Spier, at The Alderman, Brunswick East. This exhibition features the work of seven other artists and will commence on Tuesday 22 July 2014, as the opening exhibition for the Incidents Above a Bar project, a series of exhibitions developed by a group of artists in relation to practices and theories of painting today.

Depthless Flatness collects together the work of eight artists. The exhibition shows the result of a series of conversations between Rendall and Spier regarding aspects of range, spacing, differentiation, depth of meaning and flatness of surface in relation to what it means to paint today.

Building on a comment by Vito Acconci that there is a bias towards depth in Western culture, and that range could be just as good as depth, Rendall and Spier exchanged a series of views about painting, exhibiting and curating today. This exhibition is a partially distorted reflection of those views: a way of drawing upon the working conditions and parameters of the selected artists in relation to range and depth, flatness and the contradiction of the depthless.   

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