Lydia Wegner,  Sliding Yellow , 2019, archival inkjet print, 100 x 67 cm.

Lydia Wegner, Sliding Yellow, 2019, archival inkjet print, 100 x 67 cm.

LYDIA WEGNER is speaking at the MGA alongside fellow exhibiting artist Lauren Bamford and Senior Curator Pippa Milne to discuss the concept and process behind the commission Robin Boyd: Portrait of an Australian House.

The resulting new work is presented with a unique architectural intervention in the MGA gallery.

The artist talk will take place this Saturday 15 June between 2 - 3 pm. The exhibition continues until 12 July.

The event is free, but do register here.


Lydia Wegner, ‘Kitchen Grid’, 2019, archival inkjet, 100 x 67cm

Lydia Wegner, ‘Kitchen Grid’, 2019, archival inkjet, 100 x 67cm

LYDIA WEGNER has been commissioned to produce a series of new works centred on the Wright House in Warrandyte, one of Robin Boyd's iconic family homes. Curated by Pippa Milne, the exhibition Robin Boyd, a portrait of an Australian house celebrates the architecture of Robin Boyd through the medium of photography.

"Lauren Bamford and Lydia Wegner approach the subject of a Boyd house with very different lenses, bringing an energising and intensely new way of seeing this now classic architecture – which was iconoclastic in its day. Wegner brings an eye of abstraction to elicit something unexpected from the familiar architecture, while Bamford masterfully draws out the spirit and joy of a space as a living thing. This newly commissioned work, together with a fabulous swathe of vintage prints of Boyd homes, aims to show just how many ways there are to see and occupy a Boyd house," says Milne.

The exhibition continues until 14 July at the Monash Gallery of Art (MGA).

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Lydia Wegner,  Orange Push , 2019, archival inkjet print, steel frame, 120 x 80 cm.

Lydia Wegner, Orange Push, 2019, archival inkjet print, steel frame, 120 x 80 cm.

Lydia Wegner’s third solo exhibition at ARC ONE Gallery, Shifting Light, articulates a curiosity of illusion and light, shadow and form, and the unexpected dissolve of reality. An opening reception will be held on Thursday 14 March, 6-8pm.

Featuring a suite of twelve new works, Shifting Light continues Lydia Wegner’s ongoing exploration of staged photography and visual abstraction. Conjured from analogue processes that manipulate form, colour, and shape, these works stretch our perception to the limit as fixed space and familiar objects are transformed into illusionary abstraction.

Wegner’s works emerge from the tabletop of her studio as the artist carefully layers and balances found objects, coloured and transparent papers, and other visual materials to form ephemeral assemblages. White lights and coloured lighting gels cast sharp lines, bold colour, soft haze, and shadow while mirrors reflect and refract causing a distortion of scale, perspective, and space. These precarious constructions and chance moments are then photographed by Wegner and resolved as inkjet prints. For Wegner, “There’s a kind of magic which happens when I use the camera. You get an image that you may not be able to see by the eye.”

Lydia Wegner,  Purple Split , 2019, archival inkjet print, steel frame, 120 x 80 cm.

Lydia Wegner, Purple Split, 2019, archival inkjet print, steel frame, 120 x 80 cm.

In these works, the viewer is confronted by a flattening of space, a colliding of weightless geometric forms, blocks of vibrant colour, shadows, sheens, and textures born from their material construction but now released from it. Recalling the history of formalism, particularly the Bauhaus geometry of László Moholy-Nagy (1895 – 1946), and the conceptual photography of Barbara Kaston (b. 1936), these sculptural studies dissolve reality into pure abstraction.

Lydia Wegner graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours, from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2011. Recent solo exhibitions include Swing, ARC ONE Gallery, 2017; Silver Shadow, Bus Projects, 2016; Assemble Colour, ARC ONE Gallery, 2014; and Folded Colour, Centre for Contemporary Photography, 2013. Group exhibitions include: Robin Boyd, a Portrait of an Australian House, Monash Gallery of Art, 2019 (forthcoming); Still Life Pt. II, Verge Gallery, 2019; Perceptual Abstraction, The Honeymoon Suite, 2017; In the White Square, ARC ONE Gallery, 2016; Is/Is Not, Westspace, 2016; Genteel Notions, LON Gallery, 2016; Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria, 2013- 14; Das Boot, Next Wave, 2014; Fundraiser Exhibition, Centre of Contemporary Photography, 2013; Low Relief, Seventh Gallery, 2012; FotoFreo (Fremantle Festival of Photography), FutureGen12, Fremantle, 2012; and Art of the Ordinary, ARC ONE Gallery, 2011. She was a Finalist in the 2016 & 2015 Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award, and was a Finalist in the 2015 churchie national emerging art prize. In 2010, she was a Finalist in the Wallara Travelling Scholarship Prize, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, and in 2013 she was a Finalist in the Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch Scholarship Prize. Wegner was also awarded a Hill End Artist Residency through Bathurst Regional Art Gallery in 2013. Her work is held in the collections of the National Gallery of Victoria, Artbank, and PwC Collection.


Lydia Wegner,  Purple Split , 2018, Archival Inkjet print.

Lydia Wegner, Purple Split, 2018, Archival Inkjet print.

LYDIA WEGNER is featured in Still Life Pt. II, an exhibition curated by Adam Stone at Verge Gallery.
Still Life Pt. II investigates the historically significant genre of still life through a contemporary lens. The exhibition brings together an otherwise disparate group of artists working from ‘life’ or ‘fiction’ to meditate on the notion of what a still life is in our current times.

The exhibition runs from 28 Feb - 6 April.

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Lydia Wegner,  Perceptual Abstraction  installation view, 2017; photography: André Piguet.

Lydia Wegner, Perceptual Abstraction installation view, 2017; photography: André Piguet.

LYDIA WEGNER is included in the group show Perceptual Abstraction at The Honeymoon Suite, Brunswick. Charlotte Cornish describes her work in the accompanying essay: 

"A viewer does not see the material for what it is, rather we are only given a certain amount of information in the final image from which we can decipher what it is we are looking at. The materials are very present, but the resulting photographic works are also representations of what was there that no longer exists after the image is taken."

Read the entire exhibition essay here

Perceptual Abstraction continues until 1 July 2017.


Robert Owen,  Pink & Grey Wall,  1978, drymounted inkjet print, 72 x 47 cm.

Robert Owen, Pink & Grey Wall, 1978, drymounted inkjet print, 72 x 47 cm.

ARC ONE Gallery is delighted to present In the White Square, a group exhibition exploring themes of new abstraction curated by Laura Lantieri. An opening reception will be held on Saturday 10 December, 4-6pm. 

Showcasing the work of five Australian contemporary artists well-known for their use of abstraction as a primary visual language, In the White Square features Robert Owen, Jacky Redgate and Lydia Wegner, alongside invited artists Caleb Shea and Gemma Smith. Across a dynamic mix of sculpture and photo- based media, the artists in this exhibition are drawn together by a shared emphasis on formal concerns such as colour, form, space, light, optics and geometry. 

The exhibition draws its title from two of the 20th century’s great pioneers of abstract art – Vasily Kandinsky’s In the Black Square (1923), and Kasimir Malevich’s White on White (1918) – while referring obliquely to the ‘white cube’ exhibition space that came to rise in the last century. Situated in the formerly industrial, oblong ‘white cube’ of ARC ONE Gallery, In the White Square also considers the ways in which these artists employ abstraction in the context of a broader historical trajectory.

Variously touching on constructivism, minimalism, and hard-edge painting among other influences, the works blend a pared minimal aesthetic with a more idiosyncratic and playful touch. They invite the viewer to decipher lines, contours, surface textures and reflections in an almost puzzle-solving process, while blocks of colour activate spaces and pulse, oscillating between real and inferred depths of field. Challenging our understanding of what we see and what we know through an eye-popping agenda of geometry, colour and form, the artists of In the White Square collectively interrogate the very act of viewing. 

Please note ARC ONE Gallery will be closed from 18 December 2016 and reopen 24 January 2017.

Gemma Smith is represented by Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney, & Milani Gallery, Brisbane. 


Lydia Wegner,  Yellow Cut,  2016, light jet print, painted frame, 46 x 32 cm.

Lydia Wegner, Yellow Cut, 2016, light jet print, painted frame, 46 x 32 cm.

LYDIA WEGNER's work is currently included in a group show, Genteel Notions, at LON Gallery, Collingwood. The exhibition builds upon the gallery’s established structure of showing a mix of conceptually curated exhibitions as well as shows that favour process and intuition as a framework for curating. Genteel Notions brings together a group of emerging and established photgraphers. 


LYDIA WEGNER will be showing a new body of work in her solo exhibition, Silver Shadow, opening at Bus Projects Wednesday 10 August, 6-8pm. 

In this exhibition Wegner's playful images combine striking colour backgrounds alongside warped paper, coloured lighting and angular shadows. Through play and moments of chance, these simple materials form a questionable reality, seemingly flat and weightless something looks familiar yet so far removed.

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Lydia Wegner,  Red Wobble,  2016, light jet print, 44 x 30 cm.

Lydia Wegner, Red Wobble, 2016, light jet print, 44 x 30 cm.


Congratulations to ANNE ZAHALKA and LYDIA WEGNER, both finalists in the 2016 Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award. The JUWS Photography Award is considered one of the most important annual surveys of contemporary Australian photographic practice.

The winner will be announced during the exhibition launch, Saturday 25 June 2016.

The exhibition of finalist's work continues through to 21 August 2016, at the Gold Coast City Art Gallery, The Arts Centre Gold Coast.


Image: Anne Zahalka,  Threshold (tablet, security camera) , 2015, Archival pigment ink on rag paper, 102 x 137cm.

Image: Anne Zahalka, Threshold (tablet, security camera), 2015, Archival pigment ink on rag paper, 102 x 137cm.


Lydia Wegner,  Aqua Slide , 2015, Archival Inkjet Print, 84 x 60 cm

Lydia Wegner, Aqua Slide, 2015, Archival Inkjet Print, 84 x 60 cm

LYDIA WEGNER is now part of the exhibition Is/Is not at West Space, Melbourne. The exhibition, curated by Kiron Robinson, explores how contemporary photography challenges its condition of fidelity and can no longer be accepted as "truth".

Is/Is not is open from 12 February to 12 March.

For more information, please click here.


Congratulations to LYDIA WEGNER for being selected as a finalist in The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize. 

For more information, please click here.


Lydia Wegner,  Wobble  (2015), archival inkjet print, 80 x 60cm.

Lydia Wegner, Wobble (2015), archival inkjet print, 80 x 60cm.

LYDIA WEGNER's work Wobble (2015) has been selected in the The Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award for acquisition by the Gold Coast City Gallery.

The award is considered one of the most important Australian contemporary photography surveys. Established photographers are showcased alongside emerging, resulting in a stunning reflection of contemporary practice that examines diverse themes and approaches.


Lydia Wegner,  Light Foil , 2014, archival inkjet print, 84 x 65 cm.

Lydia Wegner, Light Foil, 2014, archival inkjet print, 84 x 65 cm.

LYDIA WEGNER's exhibition at ARC ONE, Assemble Colour, has received a glowing review by Dan Rule in The Age. 

Read the review online here.

 Assemble Colour runs until 31 January 2015.


Lydia Wegner,  Full Pink , 2013, archival inkjet print, 50x60cm.

Lydia Wegner, Full Pink, 2013, archival inkjet print, 50x60cm.

Congratulations to Lydia Wegner, awarded the Hill End Residency for November 2013. She will spend 4 weeks developing new works at the Haefligers Cottage and Studio in New South Wales.

The program is managed by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery in partnership with the Department of Environment & Heritage, NSW Parks and Wildlife Service.

For more information click here.


Lydia Wegner,  Tab Red , 60x50cm, archival inkjet print, 2013.

Lydia Wegner, Tab Red, 60x50cm, archival inkjet print, 2013.

LYDIA WEGNER has been selected to participate in the National Gallery of Victoria's exhibition MELBOURNE NOW with the inclusion of her photographic works Tab Red, Yellow Sparkle and Full PinkMELBOURNE NOW will be open from 22 November 2013 to 23 March 2014.

These works have also been acquired into the collection of the NGV.


LYDIA WEGNER is a finalist in the 2013 The Keith & Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship (for Art). 

The Fellowship is provided to enable graduates from VCA, School of Art from the Faculty of VCA and MCM to travel abroad and enjoy a measure of financial support during the early years of their professional careers. It is offered biennially in odd years (2011, 2013, etc.), and culminates in the biennial Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Fellowship Exhibition, held in the Margaret Lawrence Gallery.

This exhibition will be held 3-12 October 2013.

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LYDIA WEGNER opened her new show entitled Folded Colour at Melbourne Centre for Contemporary Photography, CCP on 4 April. In the striking new series Lydia has used unconventinal scraps and objets to create abstract colour field images, turning material into shape, grain and colour. 

The show is open till 19 May 2013. For more information, click here.


LYDIA WEGNER has been selected to participate in FutureGen 2012.  Opening from 17 March until 11 May at the John Curtin gallery at Curtin University (Western Australia) as part of Fotofreo 2012.  

FutureGen will profile the best emerging photo-media talent from around Australia - the best of the ‘future generation’ of Australian photographers.


LYDIA WEGNER has been shortlisted for the 2011 Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery.   

Exhibition Opening and Announcement of 2011 Fellowship Recipient: Thursday 14 July 6-8pm.

Exhibition Dates:  15-23 July 2011

More information.